Panyadee School can offer visa assistance for students and parents. The process is complex and the visas are issued by the Thai Ministry of Education, not Panyadee School.

Please be aware that there can be no guarantees of a student or parent receiving a visa from the Thai Ministry of Education.

Students at Panyadee School can apply for a Non-Ed visa, this entitles the student to reside in the Kingdom of Thailand for the duration of their education.

Parents of a student enrolled at Panyadee can apply for a Non-O visa, as they are in the Kingdom to support the child. The Non-O visa is also considered a dependant visa.

Visas are renewed on a yearly basis and require that parents and students check-in with immigration every 90 days. This is a simple matter of filling out form TM47 and presenting your passport and form to immigration in Nathon, the island’s administrative hub.


┬áStudent’s passport

  1. Student’s house registration
  2. Report from old school
  3. Copy of parent’s passports
  4. Parent’s house registration
  5. Photos of student x 6 pictures
  6. Photos of parents x 6 pictures
  7. Student personal history check form supplied by school
  8. Parents personal history check form supplied by school
  9. Bank Statement it is suggested that you have 500,000 THB

Visas can only be issued to students and parents if a full years worth of education has been paid for.

Applications take a minimum of 30 days to process.

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