PanyaDee School offers a school bus programme, the spaces are limited and are offered on a first come first served basis. Please download the school bus registration form

We do not own the school buses and are simply renting them. The cost of one place on the bus for the whole of term one is 12,000 Baht per student. The buses must have ten students to operate.

Exact map details, I recommend google maps, must be given to the office with at least two sets of contact details of whoever will be supervising the child at home.

The locations and departure times are as follows: Times will be added when routes are decided.

If you are interested in the service please register your child/ren with the office and pay for the term to guarantee your place. If the bus does not reach capacity, the excess can either be shared by the remainder of the bus or the bus will be cancelled. If the bus is cancelled a full refund will be offered.

map-Koh Samui

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