Due to limited class sizes and an increasing school population, Panyadee has decided to implement a student deposit scheme.

A 10,000 Baht deposit is required to register your child in a year group. The fee is applicable to each of the 3 terms and guarantees your child’s place in the classroom for that term. The 10,000 Baht deposit will be deducted from your term school fee when paid in full.

For example: At the end of the term, you enroll your child into Year 4 and pay a 10,000 Baht deposit to guarantee their place for the next term. When you come to pay your school fees for that term, the 10,000 Baht will be deducted from your overall fee. This is applicable to each term to ensure your child has a place in the classroom. We will accept new students during each holiday period; if you wish to guarantee your child’s placement, we recommend paying before the end of the term.
Any parents/guardians who do not wish to pay a deposit run the risk of not having a place for their child in the classroom.

New student registrations are required to pay for a full-term in advance before starting the school term.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Fee Payment

Fees must be paid in the first two weeks of a new school term. If fees are not received by the due date, the student will not be admitted to the school for the term unless permission is granted by the Headmaster. Reports and certificates may be withheld if fees are not paid.


Panyadee offers a discounted price of 10% for a second child and 20% for a third (these discounts also apply to students enrolled in the 2nd half of any term). We also offer a discount of 10% for full payment of a school year’s fees.

Method of Payment
All fees are billed and payable in Thai Baht.
Domestic payments may be made by cash, cheque or deposit/transfer directly to the school’s account. International payments must be made by bank transfer or credit card to the school account.

School’s Account
Account Name: Panyadee, the British International School of Samui
Account number: 413-088052-8 Saving account
Bank: SCB, Central Festival Samui Branch

Once a deposit has been made, please bring the transfer slip to the office, send email  [email protected]

Refund Policy

  • Clothing, Activities and School Supplies

Panyadee School does not offer refunds for clothing, activities or school supplies.

  • Single Term Payment

Panyadee School does not offer refunds for a single term payment.

  • Multiple Term Payments

If a payment of more than one term has been made then a refund will only be offered if the following terms have been met.

1. Notice, in writing, has been received by the school at least a full school term* in advance. If this requirement is not met then a terms fees will be held by the school as a penalty.

2. The school finds reasonable grounds for a refund to be offered.

3. There are no outstanding payments for the school year to be made; i.e. exam payments, school uniforms, after school clubs etc.

4. The payment has not already been authorised as non-refundable.

5. No visa has been issued to the child or parent through the school. If a visa has been issued there will be a fine of 15,000 THB for each visa issued.

Any discount from making a yearly payment will be rescinded in the case of a refund; charges for previous terms will be charged at the full rate.

* A full term is a calendar school term, notice must be made before a term begins to count as prior.

If the decision to authorise a refund has been made, it will take a minimum of 14 days before any payment is refunded.

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